Essence of divine living

  • To promote social and economic betterment of members through self help and mutual aid in accordance with co-operative welfare principles.
  • To provide an opportunity to be a co-owner of land in the union state of Delhi.
  • To provide an opportunity for good quality housing in future at affordable price in National Capital of India.To enhance the social life of people by providing the lifestyle far above ordinary, thus improving the living standard of mankind across all communities

Development Plan 2021 - Delhi

"Delhi will grow to almost twice its existing size from 82,300 hectares to 148,300 hectares." With an ever increasing population, Delhi has witnessed a rapid growth in urbanization. To sustain and keep pace with this tremendous growth, a regulating agency - DDA has unlock land for urbanization in a controlled manner through the various master plans. The zones planned for development include J, L, N, PI and PII.